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I'd like to propose you a collaboration. Can I have your mail?


Awesome Game! Loved the idea of creppy horror mixed with reallife horror.

An absolutely exceptional RPG Horror game! This title ensures to keep the player questioning and on edge as they dive into the mind of Mike Smalling, the protagonist. By all means, this game uses the perfect combination of horror and real life trauma to tell a very compelling story. If you're interested in watching my trip through Traum, feel free :)


I did a Let's Play of this and really enjoyed it! Can't wait for the finished product!

Thank  you for playing the demo! We're so glad to hear you liked it!

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congratulation for the beautiful game! Can I have your email address?Or,if you want contact me,this is mine: 

I'd like to propose you a collaboration.


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Will Kiara ever be available again on The actual link is dead.

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We are currently developing it and will release it when we have more to show!
Our previous coder decided to remove the link of the game and the page. We are sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to solve the matter.