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The demo download has been removed from public, as we are currently working on improving it based on all the feedback we've acquired. Thank you all for playing and we will see you when we get a more presentable demo to show everyone!

Kiara is a unique suspense adventure/puzzle game with emphasis on story. You play as Mina, a young woman who gets trapped in another dimension after her elevator ride goes awry. In exchange of her freedom, she must help trapped souls by piecing together their past from manifested objects.

Can she save them all?

This game was made in a month as an entry to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2018, from which we got 4th place!

  • Puzzles, everyone loves them.
  • Mysterious plot, this demo has two endings
  • Original music and art
  • Voice acting during cutscenes

Skyforger our angry codewizard

Lehkeri our writer

Zoikkis our composer

OnlyFeny and Perhoslapsi our artists

TwistyKris for voice acting

Movement: WASD

Interact: E

Inventory: I

 After the initial dialogue, you’re tasked to find objects from the Entity’s past in order to piece together her story. There are six in total and the first one is right below you at the computer screen.

  • Email from school.

 When you leave the room, go straight up to the room in front of you. The next item, 1-year sobriety coin, is there on the table

  • 1-year sobriety coin.

 Third one can be found at the employee’s break room, which is located on your right when you go down the corridor. On the table you can find a bottle of wine.

  • Bottle of wine.

Keep moving down the corridor and at the end, near the painting, is a doorway. Go through it and you’ll find the object on the table.

  • Medical reports.

The first puzzle is also in this room. In order to find the correct key for keypad, you have to compare the first letter of each name to the E-board located on the nearby wall. The four-digit core can be deduced by counting the amount of E’s compared to the first letter of each name. If you want to skip that, the correct key is 8257.

Go in that room and you’ll find the second to last object, eyeglasses.

  • Eyeglasses

On the wall in this room is an eye, which gives you your second objective. You have to find his brothers by deciphering his clue. His clue, brew that make your mind fly, points to the coffee machine located in the employee’s lounge.

After interacting with the coffee machine, an eye appears and points you to the next location, which is the mirror located in the bathroom.

The mirror will give another clue which leads you to the vending machine located near the elevator. The machine will give you the final clue, so you must go to the painting located at the end of the corridor.

The painting will then open up a secret path directly below you. There you’ll find another room that has a big eye in it. Interact with it and Mina will comment that there’s a room behind the eye. In order to dilate the pupil, you have to turn off the lights. Do that and crawl through. There you’ll find the final object, a newspaper clipping.

  • newspaper clipping.

Leave the room to the corridor and go right. Kiara will be waiting, saying you’re about to face the entity. After going through the door, the boss fight appears. You have to recite her past by telling her what happened based on the objects.

The correct answers to the final fight are as follows.

  • Joan
  • Jacob
  • Nearsighted
  • Raining
  • Missed the Warning! -sign
  • Your eyesight and poor weather
  • Was killed at the accident.

After answering the questions correct, you’re then greeted by Kiara congratulating you for your success. But she tells you there’s plenty more to go.

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So I tried it out and I ran into the keypad puzzle. My line of thought went from, translating Joan and Jacob's name to numbers, then checking the poster and counting all similar symbols and figuring out the order from top to bottom. It was pretty cool and I like the eye puzzle.

I didn't think it was impossible or anything but I think having a puzzle difficulty would benefit this game. I personally liked the puzzles and it would suck if puzzles like that get nerfed.

Hi thank you for trying our game and sorry for the late reply. At this point we are not going to get rid of any puzzles, we will try polish them to make them clearer and add a hint system. We want to add more puzzles too that would possibly support a thought process what some of the puzzles require.

Also we think the inventory gets in the way of the puzzles, so we will do big changes to it too.

Just finished my let's play of this awesome demo! I can't wait until the full release it's really good :3

Thank you for playing!

Fun times ahead with the Elevator Game/Ritual-esque game - 

Thank you for playing!

Hi, just played the game and was really impressed and liked it! The Art is great, exploring the office is great, and I really hoped it would continue with the next floor when it ended. Will definietly watch this game for continuation.
Some remarks:

1) Technical problem: The video in the elevator didn't play, or rather it played and I heard the audio but had no video (had to watch in the let's play from Grab). I'm having a Win 8.1/GeForce GTX 1070 setup that doesn't normally have any problems with video playback. If I can do anything test a potential fix, just ask.

2) The keypad puzzle is absurdly impossible to solve, IMO. While the follwing "I see with my little eye" puzzles are doable with a small amount of trials, the solution to the keypad puzzle makes no sense.

3) When watching Kiara/Mina from the side, the leg that is 'at the back' is much darker than the one in front. While there might by  some amount of shadow, this is way too much, IMO. But of course, this is just my perosnal opinion (as with point 2).

Again, I liked the game very much, and hope for more.

Thank you for playing and leaving us feedback, we appreciate it! We hope to finish this game in the future with more story to explore and more polish.

We have received multiple messages about the video, we had some issues with it while developing but unfortunately our code wizard ran out of time and couldn't figure out the solution. This and many other bugs will be hopefully fixed for the future release.

And yes, the keypad puzzle is pretty hard, our team couldn't decide on it if it was too hard or easy to solve. Some of our friends and team members found it easy and some difficult to understand. But we will change it and possibly add a hint system to help, so players wouldn't need to check walkthrough. We know how annoying that can be.

The shadow was added (maybe a bit too dark though) so that it would be easier to separate which leg is front and which is back since their skirts can make it confusing.

I'd like to point out that I did wiki the elevator game and now I know what it is, so everything that happened in the opening cutscene makes a ton more sense. lol. I really enjoyed the game. Great art style and concept. I feel the dialogue could be a tad heavy handed in the beginning. It all seemed important, but maybe it could be split up somehow. I hope you continue and turn it into a full game. Thanks!

Thanks for trying our game! We tried to fit a lot of the important things in the beginning, but our writer realized it was a bit too much and he will change it for the future release. We will share your video on twitter soon, thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts with us.

I got a chance to play your game and I have to say...it was freaking great! The black and white color scheme, the hand drawn artwork and the story so far are great. I'm glad I get a chance to type after I get done recording so I make sure to get my point across. I cant wait for this game to be expanded on, its a really cool take on the elevator urban legend and you nailed the way its was presented. Oh and your first puzzle was a bit of a challenge but I'm glad I noticed what I did for the answer. I linked my video below if you would like to see my live reaction it starts around 3:50.

Thank you for playing our game! We would love to finish this game since we have so many plans and ideas for it. With the puzzles we are testing what works and what doesn't so getting feedback about them helps.

We will watch your video, like we watch most of the let's plays so we can see the reactions but also to hear feedback.

The beginning had me scared because i thought she was gonna come get me the whole game but i still loved it tremendously <3! hope you do great at the jam! 


Thank you for playing! We are happy to hear you thoughts. :)


This looks great, good luck with the Indie Game Maker Contest!